Monday, June 16, 2003

I worked yesterday. The kids had a sleep over with me at work so that mom could go to 7:00 mysore class this morning. They had gigantor tubs o' popcorn and watched a video of one of those wacky aussie guys who go around catching crocodiles, deadly snakes and bird eating spiders. Not the dundee guy, this was Steve, the one who is on the Animal Planet cable channel all the time and who goes around saying things like, "Krikey!! That was close! He almost bit me where it really counts." I ended up dreaming about somebody who kept saying, "Krikey."

My yoga options have been reduced by the teacher training. The noon classes that I sometimes go to when I've worked the night before are cancelled for the next two weeks. I went to the Intro class tonight. It can sometimes be a crowded class in its own right. Add in a bunch of the teacher trainees who wanted to see what it was like to get an Intro class from Tim and we were wall to wall tonight. The extra bodies helped warm the room more than usual. I was able to get fully sweaty. Even with the extra heat, I was still a little on the tight side from not having practiced for a couple of days. For a while, I had a pretty cool synchronized movement thing going with this yogini who was set up nearby, unbeknownst to her of course. She is a good friend of ours who used to be a gymnast and who teaches classes in our area. Once we got out of the all the sun sal variations into the more standard standing poses, my stiffness made me go into the poses a lot more hesitantly than she was doing, so I had to throw in the towel. Despite the crowded room, the assistants who help Tim were kind enough to give me several adjustments. I got the prasarita C assist where they try and help you get your hands to the floor. I also got a nice extension assist in paschimottanasana, complete with a near guruji-like adjustment at the base of the spine to help get the sacrum tilted properly. I kind of felt a little sorry for the adjustors. Our mats were so close together that they had little room to move amongst us, much less try to get in there and make adjustments.

Today was a pretty brutal day for Tim and his assistants. Pranayama at 6, adjusting in mysore from 7 to 9, personal practice after 9, teacher training from 12 to 5, Intro from 5:30 to 7:15. That comes out to about 11 hours of yoga in one day. Then doing it all over the next day for another 9 to 11 hours. I think I'll leave a little motrin in the money box for them tomorrow morning.

I was pretty relaxed in savasana after practice tonight. Towards the end, I heard this soft screeching sort of noise. I figured it was a seagull outside in the parking lot warning other birds off of a piece of trash or something. It kept coming though. I realized it was coming from inside the studio. It was somebody on the other side room snoring. I don't recall ever sleeping in savasana, but in that kind of relaxed setting, people can be in a very shallow dream state and not ever realize that they were asleep or that they were snoring loud enough to wake up the rest of the room. My wife has woken me from sleeping on the sofa bunches of times and I would swear that I wasn't asleep.

I'm gonna give pranayama a try tomorrow morning. I probably shouldn't. It gets out at 7:00 usually and I have to be in the OR at 7:45. That's a little close for how far I have to drive. Maybe I'll get up while they're doing the finishing chants. Hopefully the traffic gods will be with me. Making such pleas for divine intervention usually leads to the opposite occurring unfortunately.

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