Monday, August 11, 2003

I posting from sunny Mt. Shasta. We're here on our Second Series retreat. I found an internet cafe in town to maintain e-contact. It's only $3 US for an hour's access on a T-1 line. I've never used one of these places before but that seems like a pretty good deal to me. I hat e the keyboard though. It's too sensitive, just brushing a nearby key enters a mistype. I must have inadvertently hit the Caps Lock button about twelve times already. This is the second time I'm writing this also. I tried to open a second window to look something up and ended up logging off, losing about 30 minutes of work. No big deal normally, but I'm on the clock here and my ride is waiting for me to finish.

Our trip up here was uneventful, as normal as it is possible to be. The only hitch to the whole day was when we found out that our dog and my mom's dog had run off sometime that day and hadn't returned by that evening. The coyotes ruling the night around here, so not coming back by nightfall is often a lethal thing for pets. Since they still haven't been found. It's not looking good. I feel worse about losing my mom's dog than losing ours. She's had her for something like 14 years and now she's gone. Hopefully somebody will find them.

My practice here have been much better than what I had back in San Diego last week. I had three mysore classes but none of them were very good. At least they kept me doing the poses so I wouldn't be totally stiff. For classes here, we're alternating days, one day second series , the next day mysore. That works great for me because I need to keep doing those first series poses to keep loose, especially in my hams and twists.

I'll have to come back another day and finish this, my allotted time is about gone and there's people waiting to use the machine. It's been great so far, I even had a smooth stand up form backbend.

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