Tuesday, February 17, 2004

No yoga day today. No yoga yesterday either. Or tomorrow. Yesterday, I was on call for 24 hours. Today, my son had an out patient surgery to fix a chronic problem with his ear, so practice can wait. Tomorrow, I'm on call again. Thursday though. Thursday for sure. Unless something comes up.

Since it was slow at work yesterday, I spent the time trying to figure out how to put the pictures that I took on our recent trip to Tulum up on a web site so that everyone else could see them. While I was busy bothering people who were trying to pay attention in class by constantly shooting pics, I had promised them that I would put something together where everybody could see how they looked. Unfortunately, I didn't have a clue how to do this. I just knew that it could be done. Fortunately, Zearchim, a friendly sort who posts over on the EZBoard Ashtanga message board pointed me to this photo gallery hosting site.

It worked great. I was at work so I wasn't really able to do much in the way of photo editing to get the shots tuned up and get the file sizes reduced. I just bought a bunch of storage space so that it would all fit comfortably. From prices that I had seen for other kinds of web hosting sites, it seemed very reasonable. The site made putting together the photo collection on-line a snap. The only hard part, really, was coming up with captions for the shots. I could have just left them on their own but that seemed too staid. At any rate, I've linked to the photo gallery over there on the side bar. I'll link to it here too. If anyone is looking for a site to post photo collections, I'd highly recommend pbase. It was a lot easier to set up than setting up this blog.

My son's surgery went well. The surgeon came out and told us he won't hear that well for a while and will need a second procedure in about 9 months for some reconstructive stuff but that he was pleased with how it went. We had worried if we were doing the right thing. All we could think about were the things that could go wrong. He told us afterwards that he really needed the surgery though. So, he's home now and sleeping it off. And we're waiting for the local anesthetic to wear off. Should be fun. He scored though. As partly a birthday gift and partly a bribe for having to undergo surgery, he got a cool portable DVD player. He watched "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" while he waited in the pre-op area. Taking bets right now for how long it takes before he drops it and breaks it or loses it.

Having to work the day after his surgery was not ideal but my work schedule is set three months in advance so we'll see how it goes tonight. If he does okay, I'll go ahead and work. If he's having a hard time, I'll have to see about calling in sick.

I also posted a few new shots over on the sidebar of the blog of me doing poses in Tulum. Again, nothing great, just showing what I do now

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