Thursday, April 26, 2007

Humble Pie

Bad week for yoga. Work wasn't going along for the ride. It was looking like this morning's Improv class was going to be my only chance all week. I've been feeling okay about my first series stuff but Improv can end up being anything and everything. I didn't really have many options though, so I showed up early and loosened up for half an hour. Sure enough, somebody just had to ask for the third series arm balances. That's right in Tim's wheelhouse. I think somebody asked for something else that was peripherally related to third so Tim went with that and basically did two thirds of third series. It's been too long since I've tried some of those things. I had no lift. I couldn't get anything back up. But...., I was able to get Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana. Not legitimately of course, just get into it. I had to start off grabbing a towel that was wrapped around my foot. I was able to work both hands out to the foot and let the towel go. And it wasn't that hard. What is hard for me is letting go of the foot. I can't get out of that pose gracefully at all. It feels like my leg is going to slam full force into the floor as soon as I let go of it. When I do let go, the sudden release in the back tension makes it feel like the whole thing is going to cramp up.

One of the requests was for Viparita Chakrasana, aka tic tocs. We didn't really do that. Instead we did Viparita Dandasana several times and worked on the return back over from that. I guess maybe that was perceived to be an easier thing to accomplish. Not for me. I've been able to come back over in V. Chakrasana, okay just three times ever, but I've never really been very close to getting back over from V. Dandasana. There's way more pressure in my back trying to come back from V. Dandasana.

I'm going to have to miss Jason and Tara's wedding, the second yoga social event of the season. I have a twenty four hour shift that day. All kinds of "blast from the past" folks in town. Friends of Jason and Tara's who are former students of Tim's that moved away but who have come back for the ceremony, people they have met in their travels, lots of new blood. Unfortunately, I've lost my ability to watch others and do yoga at the same time. It's too bad. I'm missing some good yoga.

Got to do some practice faceoffs with my son, hopefully not breaking any furniture or body parts

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