Thursday, April 05, 2007

I got in one more practice before we head east this weekend. I doubt I'll get done with work in time to go an evening class tomorrow. I'm in the OR but I'm assisting others in their cases. That always tends to take a bit longer. I'll have to be done pretty early to get up north in time for a 5:30 class. With Friday afternoon pre-spring break traffic to deal with, if I'm not out the door by 4:30, I'm not even going to try to get to the studio.

I worked last night so I was able to go to the 9:00 mysore class today. My wife showed up with my son's lacrosse coach. She had talked him into trying her Intro class last night and he liked it, so he came this morning for the real deal. I think he's had some previous yoga experience but not in Ashtanga. She asked me to do 1st series along with him so he'd know which poses to do when. As might be expected with a history of playing Division I college lacrosse, he had some knee issues, but other than that, he did really well. He seemed familiar with most of the poses, other than the ones in the last third of the sequence. He tried them all, though, except for the one I forgot to do, Tirianga Mukha. I couldn't have done the whole first series in my first go like he did. And, he could jump back!! I've been trying for seven years and he does it in his first class? I almost walked out right there. My wife paid for his first month's shala fees in return for some private lacrosse lessons for Jake. Win-win. I hope he can stay with it. He has real potential. As we were rolling up our mats, I offered to get him some tea or something at the coffee place downstairs and he said, yeah, he was heading there anyway. When he didn't show up, I figured he was talking to Tim and people out at the sign-in desk.. My wife came by about fifteen minutes later. "Oh, yeah," she said, "He's with Maura. They got to talking and I think they went out to get something to eat." That didn't take long. I told you Tiff, check with Kiran. She's got the handle on the hottie jock boyz.

This was the first class in a while that I sweated like I used to do in the good old days. I slid thru into Garbha Pindasana with no probs today, where just a few days ago I was having to put all my weight behind the corkscrewing of my arm to get it thru. I was also able to bind in Supta K, but still couldn't quite get the feet crossed. Five pounds and it's mine.

We're coming up on the last minute packing and planning phase of the trip to NYC. I don't know what my wife has planned for us each day, so I'm not sure how practices will fit in, or even if they'll fit in. Surely there will be a couple of days that we can be yoga tourists. I'll leave the 'where' decisions up to her. Last time she went to New York, she did the whole gamut: jivamukhti, Dharma Mitra's place, Guy's studio, I think one other place too. She may just want to stick with one place this year. We'll see. When she went last time, she walked to the different studios. It was a couple of miles to most of them. That ain't happening this time. Instead, we'll have the studio send their courtesy car to pick us up. What's the tip for that kind of thing?

I don't know if I should study with Guy. He may still be mad at me. Once, long, long ago, in a different time-ether continuum, he posted a response to someone's question about diet and yoga. I, having all of four months experience under my belt, felt obliged to use his helpful response as a source of cheap humor and ridicule. It's what I do best. Right after that, he quit posting general discussion comments completely. I don't think he likes smart ass ignoramuses. In going back over those old posts, I think I figured out who BadLady could be: Blondeismorefun. Who? You had to have been there. They're not the same, of course, but they're both inspiringly irreverent.

My wife informed us we'll be getting off of the plane to snow flurries. God, I hate global warming. She's been out trying to find some warm coats for everyone. My son has some warm stuff because he went snowboarding this year. But for everyone else, she's having to call her friends and beg for loaners. Nothing yet in all those boxes in the garage, just Christmas decorations, old camping gear and stuff left over from cleaning out my mom's house. I hope they heat studios in New York, since they don't out here. It's going to suck trying to get into Garbha wearing long johns.

Still don't know if I can handle doing the Sex in the City bus tour. Maybe if I drink.


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