Saturday, June 09, 2007


Off to Maryland for a week. Lacrosse camp, then a tourney.


samasthiti said...

Have fun.
It's dull without you trolling around.
S- See ya
B- Bye
N- Nuts
L- Leaving
L- Lacrosse
D- Defense
V- Victory

okrgr said...

i lurk. i troll. just not as often as i can when i'm at work.

samasthiti said...

I have to make up trolling after work due to lack of internet at work......My boss is in the dark ages I swear.

eeyore said...

have fun! oh, and i bet you're not even the camper. i'm glad i found your blog again. i lost you for awhile. my fault, i "vaporized" my favorites somehow and then couldn't get to you via comment land where i seem to live. finally i saw you on samasthiti's blog list, so here i am.

fire log shows up my knee/hip situation very well. needless to say i'm way apart there. i'll just keep slowly plugging away. thankyou!

same as you, i am traveling to vegas for a soccer tourney this coming week. christopher robin, i, and 21 19 year-old players(men?)representing the state of northern california. even the coach decided not to stay at the house we've rented. huh, wonder why?

i just hope we avoid you southerners until the final. alaska and hawaii are much more fun to play. bon voyage, eor

okrgr said...

thanks eor, and good luck to your sons. it's a rough sport at their ages, so they must be really good athletes

eeyore said...

lots of injuries, as you know. maybe even more than astanga! all of the guys have just finished freshman year playing in various D1 programs. so they at least think they're good. i just wonder which will feel hotter, maryland or las vegas? have a great camp/tourney. lacrosse and astanga, that's all we really need. thanks

Cody Pomeray said...

I don't understand lacrosse at all, but my neighbor played pro, coaches college and runs camps in Mass, if you're ever interested in a New England trip.

okrgr said...

think hockey without skates and with the ball being passed thru the air from stick to stick insted of sliding along the ice

skelly said...

sorry for not responding, I was busy being poorly and feeling sorry for myself. A full listing is now up on the blog

okrgr said...

hey i saw that. i was picturing a little local punk band extravaganza. that was quite a line up. i don't think i could handle three days of music. overload

okrgr said...

hey cody, don't know if you'll catch this, as it's an old post, but actually we are coming to vermont for a camp in about a week. who's your friend that coaches? i'll check into his camps for next year

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