Wednesday, April 23, 2003

And.... it was a very good practice. I actually caught myself just as I was about to make the hugest mistake. I starting thinking to myself at one point, "You know, I think I'm actually starting to get supple." I quashed that mental vrrti immediately. There's gods out there who's only responsibility is to make people who make comments like that eat their words big time.

It was a crowded class for Wed evening. Tim's classes are usually fuller than any others, naturally, but this was more so than usual. He's been out of town a fair amount the last three weeks, so that may have prompted more than the usual number to show up. Even so, it was nothing like the crowd for the mysore classes in the morning. It did get the room temp up though. Between that and the higher than average humidity, I found out that I had miscalculated my exertion levels. I started getting tired a bit in the marichys. That used to be the point at which I would just outright fall to pieces, but in the last year I have gradually gotten stronger. I normally try to pace myself to preserve enough gas so that I can give my best effort in bhujapidasana, kurmasana and supta kurmasana. and also later on in backbends. Kind of got worried that the heat was gonna make me fade tonight, but I did OK. Came close to getting my feet crossed in supta k, but still don't have it. That's the last pose in the first series that I haven't been able to do on my own. I can be put into it, but can't yet get it.

I didn't realize until after we had completed the class, but I did very little of my usual looking around tonight. I was more inwardly turned than usual. I'm one of those incorrigible types who usually will take every opportunity to wipe my brow, blow my nose, fidget around getting into a pose, etc., all the while looking around and checking out other people. I am usually curious to see who is there and how they practice. I don't care if they're good or stiff, I just like to see what people can do and what they can't do. I love classes where there's "new" people practicing, so much more to see. Tonight there were actually quite a few new folks and some faces that used to come a long time ago but haven't for many months. I never saw them. I was kind of surprised at myself.

I miss the way the evening classes used to end when it was dark outside. It seemed to accentuate the post-practice calm. Now, it's still light when we're done. The walk to the car is not as enjoyable. Too many visual distractions. Bitch, bitch, bitch

Well, time for shower number three, then off to bed. Clinic in the morning, then assisting another doc in the OR tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, I'll get done in time to make it to the 5:30 pm led class but I've learned not to plan on that.

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