Tuesday, April 22, 2003


To myself, i guess for now.

Well, enough of wishing that I had kept journals or logs of various sequences of my life. I'll just start one now, mid life (at least I hope it's mid life). Ha, say those who have read enough of these to know that most of us aspiring journalists fizzle out after just a few months of overly zealous journal writing, rapidly fading out to just occasional entries and finally surrender and abandonment. We'll see. I guess I'm no better or worse than anybody else in that respect. No real compelling reason to start a blog now either. No seminal events occuring that need archival for future generations to wonder over. I have read a few blog entries, just a few, but was intrigued by the ones I read. I do post messages with some regularity on an ashtanga bulletin board . I guess that experience, the enjoyment of interacting with others through writing, was what made me decide to go ahead and try my hand here.

One thing I'll have to develop fairly quickly is a purpose. I had initially thought to post this as a journal of my ashtanga experiences. It may still end up as that. Or it may just be a repositiory for whatever hits my mind that day. I'll have to learn as I go along. Hopefully, I will learn some style as I go along too. That's what made the few blogs I read worth reading. Their writing was as interesting as what they were writing about. Sometimes, what they were writing about may have not really been that interesting, but their writing made it so. And, I'll have to learn when to quit tinkering with a posting. The tendency for me is to write it out, then realize I might say it a better way and re-do it several times over, losing some or all of what i originally wanted to communicate in the process. Like this last paragraph.

More later, gotta go do a circumcision.

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