Monday, May 21, 2007

The Cure for What Ails You

Led first series. Who knew? No research. No added-on 'fun' poses. Just the basics. It worked for me anyway. Had a really good class Sunday morning. It all felt quite do-able. Granted, I got there an hour early. I got off of work at 8:00 and class wasn't until 10:00. The kids were fine at home. So, I went to the studio early. I watched the folks in the second series class do some of the harder poses. Then I sat down and did my little pre-class stretch out.

THe class wasn't too crowded. Tim is away on one of his weekend workshops, to Nova Scotia this time. As the teacher who led our class said, "Wherever that is." When he's away, the numbers drop off a lot. The room was nice and warm though, thanks to the efforts of the second series class. There were a number of people I've never seen before. And they all seemed to have strong practices--Bhujapidasana to Tittibhasana to Bakasana capabilities.

For my practice, there was nothing I felt bad about. It all felt pretty good. I finally managed to get a legitimate Supta K. Not a toe tucker but a legitimate ankle cross. It took me a little bit of futzing about to get into it but , i finally got it back.

Have to keep this post on the short side. I've been called to the OR.

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Mark Pritchard said...


Sorry for an off-topic comment, but you don't have any other way on your blog to get in touch with you.

I am completing a novel which deals, in passing, with yoga, and in research I ran across your blog which was very helpful to me. I would like to acknowledge you if and when the novel is published, so if that's all right with you, please let me know your name. Thanks.