Friday, May 25, 2007

The Who am I Meme

1. I grew up in Oklahoma, but I've never worn a pair of cowboy boots or owned a cowboy hat, I hate country music and have ridden a horse maybe four times in my life.

2. I can do a caesarean section in less time than some people need to do a circumcision.

3. I've taken off in a lot more airplanes than I've landed in.

4. I'm a convict.

5. I've only had white cars. Ever.

6. I have a history of rodent abuse.

7. I once worked in the zoo.

8. While I know many people and am friendly with almost all of them, I have few friends.

9. I've always wondered about number 8.

10. My love for my wife and my kids is enough for me. Screw number 8.

yes, that's ten. i don't like to obey the rules that much (#11). as noted in other places, most blogs that i read have already done this or have been asked, so the chain slows down here. I wonder how back trace-able these meme things are? can you actually walk your way back thru the different layers of tag lists to find the originator?


Carl said...

Wow. I'm pretty fast at circumcisions.

okrgr said...

i'm including the time for the block

Cody Pomeray said...'re going to need to elaborate on #3!

okrgr said...

after high school i became one of these:

and did a lot of this:

okrgr said...

hence my name

Cody Pomeray said...

you are officially the macho-iest ashtangi out there. wow!

hey cheri - did you read that? okrgr jumped out of airplanes. that's cool!

Yogamum said...

Now I *finally* understand your screen name!! After three years of reading the EZBoard!!

One of my high school boyfriends was an Airborne Ranger.

okrgr said...

hopefully, he's well? i was never in harm's way (other than of my own making) but those units have been sent into every military action the US has been involved in.

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