Friday, May 25, 2007

When Enough Just Isn't Enough

At various times, I do these extras. I doubt I ever do them all. When I'm only doing first or only doing second, I tend to do most of the ones that go with each series. Lately, if I'm doing both first and second, I do less. I don't have enough energy to do most of them. Some of these poses I don't really DO, I just attempt to do. Many of the names are sanskrit neologisms, made up names. I know I've gotten some of the names wrong because I can't remember exactly what name Tim made up for them.

1) samakonasana and hanumanasana, after the prasaritas
2) press up to tuck handstand vs do bakasana A, after utkatasana
3) eka pada bakasana A, after virabhadrasana B
4) viranchyasana B, after janu C
5) handstands, after each navasana
6) urdhva kukkutasana C, after garbha pindasana
7) kandasana, after baddha konasana (done only occasionally)
8) press up with wide spread legs, after supta konasana

9) virasana, ardha virasana, urdhva moola ardha virasana, supta virasana (in our studio, virasana/supta virasana is a normal part of second series, the part of the korunta eaten by the ants), done before bhekasana
10) back bending research (usually done after the first attempt at kapotasana)
10a) adho mukha pincha mayurasana
10b) adho mukha pincha mayurasana with extended arms, A, B & C
10c) salamba viparita dandasana (viparita dandasana with feet against the wall)
10d) salamba eka pada viparita dandasana (one foot on the wall, the other on the floor)
10e) viparita dandasana
10f) eka pada viparita dandasana
10g) salamba eka pada raja kapotasana (lunge with the forward leg, the knee of the back leg on the floor against the wall and lower leg up on the wall, hands reaching back to the foot)
10h) urdhva hasta raja kapotasana (lying on floor with the lower abd/chest against the wall, arching back, possibly bending legs and grasping knees)
11) urdhva kukkutasana D (urdhva kukkutasana from handstand), done after the ashtau up from kapotasana
12) poorna matsyendrasana, done after ardha matsyendrasana
13) eka pada sirsasana research, done after matsyendrasana
13a) adho mukha eka pada raja kapotasana
13b) parsva adho mukha eka pada raja kapotasana
13c) parivrtta adho mukha eka pada raja kapotasana
13d) supta eka pada raja kapotasana (lie on back and bring bent knee to same shoulder and foot of the bent knee to the other shoulder)
14) kasyapasana, sitting up into eka pada sirsasana (the typical entry for eka pada sirsasana at our studio)
15) sayansana, done after pincha mayurasana (rarely)
16) vrshikasana, done after karandavasana, from forearm base
17) urdhva sirsasana, after ardha sirsasana


Anonymous said...

How do you get *into* 10h?

okrgr said...

that is a GREAT pose.

lay your mat up against the wall. place your fingers against the wall and postion your body as if you were doing up dog right up next to the wall. get as close to the wall as you can. i even turn my hands sideways like sprinters do when they take their marks on the track. lift your chest as far up the wall as you can. then let your chest or abdomen come against the wall.

initially, you may want to keep your hands on the floor. later, you can extend them overhead, up the wall.

it may seem like you goal is to get the chest on the wall but ideally, the only thing touching the wall besides your hands would be the area between your hips and the lowest portion of your ribs.

so, once you can maintain against the wall, begin to arch back away from the wall. i didn't get this notion for probably the first few years i did this. i dreaded it when tim would do this for kapo research. it squashed the boys something wicked. to avoid that, i tried to get farher up the wall and in doing that, i found i had more room to arch.

it does allow for a strong passive back bending stretch, though you can always make it active by contracting the back and even pushing away from the wall with oyur hands (lower them down the wal lbefore trying that).

you can take istep further and bend you knees, reach back with your hands and do what is essentially raja kapotasana but with your abdomen against the wall.

have fun. and keep breathing.

if you're feeling really jumpy, you can invert and do it with your chest on the floor and your legs up the wall, ultimately arching the legs over towards your head: salamba viparita salabasana. it lets gravity do the work for you

Tina Rathbone said...


What's viranchyasana B again?

great blog. I gotta get me one of those one of these days.

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Santanu Mondal said...
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Santanu Mondal said...

It's amazing...keep it up...!! Eka Pada Kapotasana

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