Sunday, May 25, 2003

For practice today, my wife once again kindly let me have the favored 2nd series class. No arguments or protestations that, no, no, she should go. I was gone. I was pretty pleased with how I did. I have gotten less fatigued these last few times I've done this class. Now, having said that, I'll probably collapse in exhaustion in my next class. My assessment points for how I'm doing are usually pasasana (how wet with sweat does the t-shirt that I drape over my legs to minimize arm slippage get?), ustrasana (am I so tired from dhanurasana and parsva dhanurasana that I don't even want to kneel upright?), and tittibhasana (am I so spent that I have to come out of the postures and catch my breath or can I do my version of all five with out a break?). After those, I don't worry too much about how I'm doing energy-wise.

One pose that I'm getting a little better at for having been able to do it a few more times now is vatayanasana. For some reason, I still can't get enough balance on the first side to be able to get my arms crossed and then lifted. I can do the second side okay though. My foot is still a bit too far from the ardha padma knee but I'll take the little victory. After my troubles and trials with pincha mayurasana last week, I was determined to hold it, no matter what. He once again said, "25 breaths" so I went up and stared at the floor. I heard a few other exits but no release from Tim. After about 14 or 15 breaths he started to say something. I had been holding up okay but I was anticipating that he would give us the command to come down, so when he started going on about something, I was already part way out of the pose. No way to recover, so I blew it again. Next time, my toes are coming down last in the class.

I'd love to have some kind of picture of what I'm doing in some of these poses. I have no where near the sense of what I'm doing in 2nd as I do with the poses in the first series. I'd love to know how far my feet are from my head in vrischikasana (which we do right after karandavasana), what it is I'm actually doing in bakasana B, etc. . There's more than a few postures that I don't do that well, but most I do okay in. When I started doing the first series, there were tons of postures I couldn't do at all. That changed over time, so hopefully my 2nd series inabilities will get better too. I played a game for a while, trying to figure out which posture would be the last one I would be able to do in the 1st series (it's supta kurmasana). We'll have to see for 2nd series. It's quite a ways off, if I ever am able to find out. My money is on karandavasana, but I suck at badha hasta sirsasana C too. Just gotta get in more mysore classes so I can get the reps. Won't happen this week though. The work schedule is not favorable. I think the one day that I could have gone is the moon day. I hate astrology.

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