Thursday, May 08, 2003

Score! I was able to jiggle my clinic schedule enough to be able to go to mysore class tomorrow morning. Can't wait to show how stiff I've become. I wonder if the teacher ever takes postures back from you? "Hmmmm, something's changed here. You stop at Upavishta stiff man!"

I wonder if my tendency to stiffen up is a function of aging or if it's an individual trait. I like to think it's the former. In my fantasy world, If I hadda just started this yoga stuff years ago, I could have been a contenda. Even if I had started just when I moved here to San Diego 13 years ago. I would have been in my early 30's. I would have had a lot more freedom and time to devote to it than I do now, not having kids yet. I would have had 13 years with a great teacher. Woulda coulda. Never happened, never will. I know there are lots of examples of people picking up yoga later in life and going far with it. That's my other fantasy. That I could somehow get the time to give the practice my full attention, put into it what I could to see what I can achieve in a best case scenario. I guess the proper yoga approach is to make the here and now the best case. Make the most of the situation I have and not dream of some greener yoga pasture. And I do try to do that. But I still play the lotto when it gets big, just in case.

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