Saturday, May 10, 2003

Today is a work day, so I'll have no practice news or amusements to pass on. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so I may be doing the morning brunch thing and miss out then too. We'll see.

I originally posted this link that was purportedly for a a petition from the Spanish arm of Amensty International to try and prevent the stoning death of a Nigerian woman convicted of adultery. I found it on gleefulfreak's web site.

I later read a posting on EZBoard which gave the text of a NY Times article claiming that the letter did not come from any representative of amnesty international and that background information given on the link was inaccurate. It also stated that representatives of the woman at risk felt that the e-letter writing campaign was misplaced do-gooderism by dufus westerners without anything better to do.

at risk of being that, i'll instead link directly to the amnesty international site which does ask readers to send a letter to the nigerian government (and they provide a boiler plate letter you can just copy to send). This is their standard operating procedure for injustices that they highlight on their site, not just this one. It may all be too much trouble or require too much ethical and moral analysis. but if you want to send a letter, that's one way to do so easily.

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