Sunday, May 25, 2003

While I stood around the front of the shala this morning waiting for someone to come by and unlock it, I passed the time reading the various flyers and notices on the door. While reading the one giving the dates for moon days, I discovered I had made a mistake in my earlier posting about the upcoming moon. For some reason, I had it in my head that the upcoming moon was going to be a full moon, even though I knew that as I wrote the post there was a full moon that was being eclipsed. Doh!. Fortunately, either no one read that post or if they did, they didn't catch the error, or if they did, they were too kind to point it out. So, having proved my complete lack of knowledge of astronomy and astrology, a correction is in order. This month, we have two new moons. The frequency of that event is comparable to that of blue moons apparently. It is less clear if there is a commonly accepted term for the second new moon. This site listed a few different names. In older times, the definition of a month was the time from one new moon to the next, so every month had two new moons. Something I read said that Islamic calendars follow this pattern also.

I'm gonna take the kids and blow a bunch of dough on that trapeze thing so I'll have to post something practice related later.

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