Wednesday, May 14, 2003

We're having funky energy here in SD. Maybe it's the upcoming lunar eclipse. Yesterday it was just me and the saga with my keys. Today, the entire county had it's morning commute screwed up when a crane fell over and took out some power lines right next to one of the major interstate interchanges in the north county. The freeway there was closed for several hours during rush hour(s). Everybody flooded alternative highways into town and into the various other job centers around the county. The overflow put all of them into gridlock. My commute is usually about 30-40 minutes in the morning. Today it took me 90 minutes. There's a fine line between traffic balance and chaos. One little domino tripping and it can go south real quick. One time it hailed here during a unusually heavy rainstorm that came right at the evening rush hour. Everybody just stopped. The freeways became parking lots for a while.

Practice this evening was good. My hoped for flexibility carry-over from yesterday's practice was there. None of that "supple" nonsense, but I was comfortable doing forward bends. Class wasn't too crowded. Apparently there were a lot of folks at mysore this morning, so maybe that led to a smaller group for our class at 5:30. The group tonight was a good mix. Some really good practitioners, some folks who were new to yoga or to ashtanga, the whole gamut. We had an unusual surprise, we did handstands after each navasana. I had just messaged suburbfreak that Tim just about never does hand stands in his led classes, so of course tonight we do. It's not very often that he does it, usually only if the class is relatively small. The rest of class was pretty mainstream. No real breakthru's or firsts. It was just nice to have enough flexibility to be able to BE in the postures as opposed to exerting the energy in mainly attempting to get into the postures. The effect is very different. It leads, for me anyway, to a much more introspective experience.

We moved thru the series a little faster than average. We were done by 7:15. Tim gave us a longer than average savasana. This of course was ruined by the folks who felt the need to get up and leave after only three or four minutes of savasana. I don't get it. If they had stayed for the full savasana, they would have still gotten out earlier than we usually do for that class. What emergency had to be attended that warrants disturbing everybody else's rest? I'm never really satisfied with the length of the savasana that most of the other teachers I go to give us. Tim is really good about making them long and relaxing. Tonight, we stayed thru two songs. Even with the others rolling up their mats and leaving to attend to important matters, it was a very nice finish to a good class.

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